Christopher Wheeler
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Art has been described as a way to take possession of our world. As individual human beings, and even as participating pieces of the human collective, we are little more than macroscopic ripples in an endless ocean of possibility. Understanding our place in the awesome complexity and beauty of creation may be the ultimate purpose of life.


While some have sought to divorce the artist from the teacher or cleric, for me, they are deeply connected. Art becomes a tool in search of the sacred. It is about learning to see what exists before you, behind you, above you and below you. Beauty and grace are there for the finding. Art in its various forms, whether written, drawn, painted or photographed, is a formal attempt to engage with the process of creation, and through that exploration, find meaning and understanding.


I have had a longstanding interest in writing, drawing, and photography. I built my first darkroom as a teen, and have spent a lifetime learning to see. While colour, line, and texture are important aspects of visual, and (by extrapolation) written art, for me satisfaction is most found in the elegance of the balanced composition. I am inspired by God through the beauty of His creation.


My education includes a three-year diploma in Fine Arts from Fanshawe College, a two-year diploma in Computer Studies from Yukon College and a four-year degree in Education from the University of Regina. I have worked as a web developer, picture framer, writer, layout artist, cultural resource manager, teacher, and curriculum developer. My creative loves are photography and writing, and in both cases, I find myself exploring humanity's connection with the natural world. I am interested in motivations, relationships, and ultimately, in the human condition and the possibilities afforded by the gifts of love, grace, and choice.